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The Denver and Boulder trial lawyers at the law firm of Taussig & Taussig, P.C. have over 90 years combined experience.  With over 100 trials taken to verdict, our attorneys are no strangers to the courtroom. Because of our trial experience and track record of success, we get better settlements and larger verdicts for our clients. We are always willing to take a case to trial if that is the best way to secure justice and ensure fairness and accountability for our client. However, going to trial is not always necessary; in many cases, our attorneys are able to achieve a fair and just settlement out of court. The attorneys at Taussig & Taussig, P.C. are trial tested and prepared to do whatever it takes to obtain the best possible results for their client.

Taussig & Taussig, P.C. is a full service law firm with offices in Denver and Boulder, Colorado to more effectively serve the legal needs of people along the Front Range and across the state. The attorneys of Taussig & Taussig, P.C. are licensed to handle matters in Colorado and Oklahoma.  In addition, they have litigated cases in several other states, including Florida, Michigan, Texas, Oklahoma, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. With the best interest of the client always the focus of the practice, Taussig & Taussig, P.C. works tirelessly to protect the rights and legal interests of every client and to secure the best possible outcome for every client with tremendous attention to detail and individual service.

Because of their years of service, legal expertise, and courtroom presence, Taussig & Taussig, P.C. is able to effectively advocate for clients in a variety of practice areas.

Personal Injury

Two key words in personal injury law are “negligence” and “reasonable.” In simple terms, negligence is either acting in a way that a reasonable person wouldn’t, or failing to act in a way that a reasonable person would. The dedicated Colorado personal injury attorneys at Taussig & Taussig, P.C. have helped countless people recover compensation after car and truck accidents caused by the negligence of someone else.


Insurance Disputes

Unfortunately, insurance companies sometimes act in bad faith by unreasonably delaying or even denying, valid claims filed on the policy. If you have filed an insurance claim and the company has either refused to pay the claim or has tried to settle the claim for less than the costs you incurred, Denver and Boulder insurance dispute lawyers at Taussig & Taussig, P.C. may be able to help.


Worker’s Compensation Claims

When a worker is injured on the job, we have a system in place to ensure that their injury does cause undue financial hardship. Unfortunately, worker’s compensation claims can be extremely complicated, and are sometimes unreasonably denied. A Boulder and Denver worker’s compensation attorney can be invaluable, not only in ensuring that all paperwork is filed timely and accurately, but in resolving any dispute that may arise.



Colorado Trial AttorneysWhether you have been seriously injured in a car accident or on the job, contact the personal injury law firm of Taussig & Taussig, P.C. We have the depth and expertise to assist you in a broad range of legal matters.  We will consider the individual details of your case, provide superior client services, and advocate aggressively for your rights.

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