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22 Mar , 2018

Unfortunately, our multi-tasking society has carried those behaviors over to driving, which has resulted in an uptick in distracted driving collisions. We eat, talk on the phone, text, read maps, apply makeup, fiddle with the car controls, radio or GPS, talk to passengers, reach down to pick up a toy or bottle dropped by a […]

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27 Feb , 2018

A slip and fall accident is one of the most common types of accident. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics slip and falls account for more than 1 million ER visits annually. About five percent of those who suffer a slip and fall will suffer a fracture of some type, usually in the hip, or […]

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14 Feb , 2018

You should probably consider yourself lucky if you have been driving for any length of time and have yet to have a car accident. According to estimates by the auto insurance industry, most of us will file a claim for a car accident approximately one time every 17.9 years. This means drivers who first got […]

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26 Jan , 2018

Bullying is a serious problem which can have serious consequences. As many as 30 percent of students in grades six through ten are involved in either moderate or frequent bullying. These students may be the victims of bullying or could be perpetrating the bullying behaviors. Many believe youth violence, including homicide and suicide, have bullying […]

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24 Jan , 2018

When you slip and fall in a public area, such as a retail store, restaurant or grocery store, you could have a valid claim against the owner of the business. Whether you experience a slip and fall in a “big box” national chain, a grocery chain like Albertsons, or a more local, independent retail store, […]

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