A 2011 CDC survey found that an astonishing one-fifth of all students had been victims of bullying on school property. When students are bullied on school property, it increases truancy rates, school violence, and results in students that have significant emotional problems, such as depression and anxiety. In addition, it affects the entire school environment for everyone and creates a culture of fear. Because of this, Colorado passed an anti-bullying law that requires schools to confront bullying head-on. If you are unsure of what your options are after a bullying incident, a Boulder school bullying attorney can help answer your questions. Call one of our attorneys to learn more.

Legal Definition of Bullying

Colorado’s anti-bullying law more clearly defined bullying for schools and for the general public. According to the law’s definition, bullying is any verbal, written or electronically transmitted expressions, physical acts or signs that are intended to cause physical or psychological harm to another student. As you can see – this covers a wide range of activities, including:

  • Teasing or taunting
  • Cyber-bullying
  • Hitting, kicking, pushing or punching
  • Sexual harassment
  • Physical harassment
  • Destroying or damaging property
  • Homophobic or racist remarks
  • Intimidation and fear

School Obligations to Prevent Bullying

According to Colorado’s anti-bullying law, schools were required to:

  • Follow up on all reports or complaints of bullying by students, teachers, or parents
  • Report acts of bullying
  • Provide detailed descriptions of the actions taken by the administration to properly address complaints and concerns of bullying
  • Institute proper procedures for continually reporting bullying activity

Schools that fail to uphold their obligations under current Colorado law can – and should – be held liable. They have a duty to provide a safe environment for all of their students and failure to address bullying at school can have long-lasting and damaging consequences. When bullying is not addressed promptly, school administrators encourage its existence. Oftentimes victims feel as if “nothing can be done” or that “no one believes them” when school administrators fail to take action. Even worse, bullies get the impression that their behavior is “condoned” and this further perpetuates the situation.

Students and families who have been victims of school bullying can seek compensation for their injuries and for emotional damage suffered if the incident involved intentional or reckless misconduct by the school. Damages may include medical bills, therapy, pain and suffering and sometimes punitive damages.

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