6 Jan , 2022  | Author: Debbie Taussig

In Colorado, most car crashes are the result of driver errors. We call them “errors” because they are completely avoidable. These car crashes only happen because a driver does something or does not do something that—in turn—causes a car accident, which often leads to a personal injury claim.

If you are injured by a driver who has committed an error while driving, that driver is responsible for your injuries, any damage to your car, any wrongful deaths, any loss of income, and more. Sadly, no matter how cautious you are behind the wheel, you cannot control the actions—or the inaction—of other drivers. In a moment’s time, your life can be turned upside down because of how they acted behind the wheel.

Four Common Driver Errors that Cause Car Crashes

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration released a statistical summary, showing driver-related reasons for the car crashes during a three-year period. The summary showed that 94% of car crashes were the result of driver errors. These errors can be broken down into four categories.

  1. Recognition-based errors: These driver errors occur when a driver does not assess a situation enough to act appropriately. These errors include a driver’s inattention to the road, such as “zoning out” or singing and losing focus on the road, distractions (both inside the car and outside the car), and failure to adequately look before completing a driving maneuver.
  2. Decision-based errors: These driver errors occur when a driver recognizes a potentially dangerous situation on the road yet fails to act accordingly. They typically involve faulty judgment on the part of the driver. These situations include driving too fast, driving too fast for a curve (which is especially true for trucks and commercial vehicles), illegal maneuvers, false assumptions of the other driver’s actions, and misjudgment of the other driver’s speed.
  3. Performance-based errors: These errors occur when the driver makes an actual mistake behind the wheel. This can include overcompensation (like when a driver overreacts when steering away from a road hazard) and poor directional control (such as failing to keep in their lane on the road).
  4. Non-performance-based errors: These errors occur when a driver does not take any action to avoid an accident. The most common non-performance-based error is falling asleep at the wheel. However, other examples may include things like becoming disabled while driving due to a seizure, a heart attack, or some other medical emergency.

Recovering Compensation for Car Crashes Involving Driver Error

If you have been injured in a car crash and believe it was caused because of an error on the part of the other driver, Debbie Taussig Law can help you. We are experienced personal injury lawyers, who specialize in helping our clients receive compensation after they have been injured in a car crash. You may recover compensation for your medical expenses, loss of income, disfigurement, pain and suffering, mental anguish, and property damage, amongst other things.

At Debbie Taussig Law, our experienced car accident lawyers can help you with your personal injury claim. We have seen the turmoil and devastation that negligent drivers can impose on the lives of those they injure. If you were hurt in a car crash caused by someone else, you deserve compensation for your injuries, medical bills, and time away from work. Let us fight the insurance companies so you can focus on healing.

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