When serious injuries happen, they can have a domino effect on other aspects of your life. Your injury could lead to sudden, unexpected expenses. These expenses can be even more of a hardship if you are too hurt to return to your job. Fortunately, you do have legal options if your injuries were caused by someone else’s carelessness or wrongful actions.

You have the right to pursue a personal injury lawsuit against the party that caused you harm. From medical bills to missed paychecks, your personal injury case could help you recoup the costs associated with your injury. A Denver personal injury lawyer could provide you with the insight you need to get the most out of your civil lawsuit. Get in touch with the dedicated legal team at Debbie Taussig Law today to learn more.

Types of Personal Injury Lawsuits

The term “personal injury” applies to a large number of civil lawsuits. Any case where the negligence of another person leads to a serious injury could be considered a personal injury lawsuit. A Denver attorney could help pursue any type of injury case.

Some common forms of personal injury lawsuits include:

Medical Malpractice

Medical mistakes often lead to debilitating, life-altering injuries. A mistake by a doctor could also cause a patient to suffer from an illness that could have otherwise been treated. These mistakes could result in a viable claim for compensation.

Vehicle Accidents

Many personal injury cases involve some form of car, truck, or motorcycle accident. These claims can also involve cyclists or pedestrians that have been struck by a driver.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Falls are one of the most common causes of emergency room visits. Slip and fall accidents could occur due to poor maintenance or the failure of a property owner to warn a visitor of a natural hazard. In these cases, the injured party could take legal action against the negligent property owner.

Defective Products

Some accidents only occur due to a product defect. These products could include anything from children’s clothing to medical devices. When a consumer is injured despite using a product as instructed, they could have a case for financial compensation.

Damages in a Personal Injury Case

For a Denver personal injury attorney, a successful outcome involves recovering financial compensation on behalf of the injured. This compensation can take different forms depending on the extent of one’s injuries, but often include lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering.

Lost Wages

Some injury victims lose their only source of income due to a serious injury. When that person is too hurt to work, a civil lawsuit could help them replace the wages they have lost.

Medical Bills

Medical expenses routinely make up a large part of a monetary award in an injury case. The cost of medical treatment can be overwhelming in some cases, especially when long-term care is necessary. It could be possible to recover damages based on the cost of this treatment.

Pain and Suffering

Financial compensation could also be available based on the extent of the plaintiff’s physical pain and suffering. These damages are often linked to the total amount of medical expenses an injured party incurs.

Do Not Hesitate to Reach out to a Denver Personal Injury Attorney

Any serious injury could require significant financial resources to address. Medical bills must be paid, and vehicles have to be repaired. A successful personal injury lawsuit could provide those resources.

A Denver personal injury lawyer could assist you with each stage of your injury claim. Set up a free consultation today to learn more about how we could help you.