We’re proud of the work we do serving the Boulder community. Here are some personal injury client testimonials from
Coloradans we’ve helped:

Completely happy with the work done by everyone at Debbie Taussig Law, LLC, and, of course, the settlement they obtained for me in my wrongful death case. Through what was a very difficult time, Debbie and her team made me feel confident that they were working hard on my behalf, while being incredibly kind and supportive. Debbie Taussig Law, LLC is a very professional and skilled group of compassionate people that I highly recommend if you find yourself in need of personal injury representation.

Megan H.

I would like to thank Debbie and her team for all the hard work they did on my injury case. I initially went looking for help and saw all of the great reviews for Debbie Taussig Law and decided that they would be able to best help with my case.
They took all of the worry out and were able to successfully navigate through the details with the insurance companies. And in the end they were able to get me a larger settlement than what I originally thought was possible.
Debbie, Joanna, and Deanna were all amazing and I would highly recommend them.

John D.

Debbie and her team helped me through the most traumatic accident of my life. I was being taken advantage of by insurance companies while living a new life after my accident.

Debbie and Joanna are talented lawyers and won me my maximum rewards. They stuck by me for a settlement that took more than three years to resolve.

More so than just their skill, Debbie and her team were empathic and took time to get to know me and understand my experience. It was easy for me to trust that they had my backs.

I am so grateful to finally have my case settled. However, I will miss our check ins and updates.

I have worked with two other lawyers and Debbie Taussig law stands above the rest. This practice received my highest recommendation and i am grateful to have navigated this traumatizing event with them.

Free F.

Debbie and her entire firm worked tirelessly on our behalf in securing an incredible award settlement for my wife’s personal injuries sustained when a motorist blindsided her. The Taussig firm went to court well-prepared, taking every step to ensure a positive outcome, anticipating anything that could possibly be used as grounds by the opposing attorney to appeal a jury’s verdict. It was a long road to victory but Debbie and her team stood by us throughout – preparing us for depositions, testimony, and cross-examinations by opposing counsel. Every step of the way leading up to trial and during, Debbie and her team provided great support as well as constant communication. And we were able to make informed decisions. Debbie and her firm took our case when opposing counsel made an insultingly paltry offer and after the professional presentation at trial won a settlement for my wife that was 30 times more than the settlement offered by the attorney for the individual who caused the wreck. We whole-heartedly endorse the Taussig Law Firm to anyone seeking representation for personal injuries. She is a lawyer unafraid to go to trial, and stands on principle.

Randy H.

Debbie Taussig and her team were professional every step of the way, from when I first interviewed and chose Debbie to represent me through “no nonsense” follow through with the insurance company to deliver the amount Debbie won for me with the jury. Always a call back in less than two hours. Always a careful and understandable explanation of the legal issues.

Jody P.

After being in my accident, the insurance didn’t want to get me the money I needed to pay off all my medical bills. Deanna, Carolina, and the rest of Debbie Tausig team not only got me a max payout but also negotiated down my medical bills and got me extra money I wasn’t expecting! Thank you so much to everyone who helped me out!

Ben S.

Debbie Taussig Law is at the very top of a short list of great law firms I’ve employed over the past 44 years. Stellar performance and excellent admin along with clear communication makes this firm stand way out and above almost all firms I’ve ever used. Joanna Merrill, who served on my case, go the maximum settlement possible in my car accident case. I can’t say enough good things about Joanna. She’s intelligent, personable, and highly professional, while still empathetic and caring. If you can, work with with this law firm!

Stuart G.

This was the first time I have ever had to enlist the help of an attorney for a vehicle accident. I was very apprehensive as there is so much negativity surrounding this process. From beginning to end everyone was solely focused on my health. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would experience such compassion. Money was NEVER first, I WAS. I cannot thank the entire team enough for helping me navigate these waters. THANK YOU EVERYONE for the AMAZING service.

Andrew B.

Debbie Taussig Law exceeded all expectations, my case wasn’t only handled with utmost attention to detail, but also such a personal touch from her entire team. When you hire them, just know you will feel heard, mind put to rest, almost like you have a friend who’s an attorney. But! Most of all, my settlement from my car accident truly was more than I had expected. I couldn’t recommend Debbie, and her team enough.

Keenan B.

I highly recommend this law firm, Debbie & her staff are absolutely amazing and have gone above and beyond. She traveled from Denver to Colorado Springs just to be with us during court, she has spoke with the news on our case. She has been on top of everything and has checked in to see how we are doing. I absolutely appreciate and highly recommend going through Debbie Taussig Law.

M. O. T.