Due to the size and weight of a bus, and the fact that most are not equipped with safety features such as seatbelts, even a minor bus accident can cause serious injuries. While bus accidents are not as frequent as car accidents, many people may be harmed when they do occur, and those injuries are often life-altering.

Depending on the factors of a particular bus crash, such as whether the bus company is a private entity or government-owned, there may be various potentially liable parties. As this area of law can be complex, you will likely need skilled legal representation to help you file a claim for damages. A Boulder bus accident lawyer could work diligently to help you obtain the compensation you need to recover from your injuries.

Type of Bus Accident Claim

The type of claim an injured party can file if involved in a bus accident in Boulder depends on whether a government agency or private company owns the vehicle.

Government-Owned Bus

A claim against a public-owned bus is specific and limited. The deadline is tight, and an injured person has 182 days from the accident date to file their notice of claim against the government agency responsible for the bus service. Additionally, damages are capped in claims against a government employee or entity, and punitive damages are not available.

Privately Owned Buses

While it may seem that a bus accident suit would be easier to file against a privately owned bus since the injured party has three years to file their claim, this kind of suit can be complicated. Several parties may be liable for injuries and determining who is responsible for damages can be difficult. Different parties may own, operate, or maintain a single bus. The following parties may be liable in a Boulder bus accident:

  • A bus driver who was speeding, driving distracted or driving drunk
  • A bus owner who is responsible for maintaining buses in proper working condition and hiring competent drivers
  • A maintenance company who had been contracted to maintain the buses
  • A bus manufacturer who is obligated to ensure their products are safe and not defective
  • Any driver on the road who caused the accident
  • Government entities who are responsible for maintaining safe roads and public walkways

A Boulder attorney skilled in bus accident lawsuits may help an injured party sort through the various parties at fault and determine who to file suit against in a claim for compensation.

Duty of Care

Bus drivers and bus companies are considered “common carriers” under Boulder law. A common carrier is defined in Colorado Revised Statutes Section 40-1-102(3)(a)(I) as any business, company, or individual that transports people or freight in exchange for money. Bus operators are held to a higher duty of care than a regular driver and must use the highest degree of care to protect their passengers and others on the road.

The common carrier status means that many factors must be considered in bus accident claims, and an injured person may require the assistance of an experienced Boulder attorney to understand all of the nuances involved.

Consult a Boulder Bus Accident Attorney for Help with Your Case

People in Boulder rely on public and private buses for a safe, economical, and environmentally friendly mode of transportation. When bus accidents occur, many people may be injured at once. The trauma and physical injuries suffered in a bus accident can be devastating.

If you have been injured in any capacity in a bus accident, a compassionate Boulder bus accident lawyer may be able to ensure you receive your full and just compensation. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more.