Insurance companies have a responsibility and obligation to act in good faith. They “claim” to be on your side after an accident and they should have their policyholders’ best interests in mind. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. When an insurance company unfairly delays or denies your claim, you may have cause to file an insurance dispute claim. An experienced Boulder insurance dispute attorney can help protect your rights, which is why it is crucial to enlist legal representation early on.

Legal Obligations of Insurance Companies

Colorado’s Insurance Fair Conduct Act went into effect in 2008. This act makes it unlawful for insurance companies to use deceptive practices when dealing with both first party and third party insurance claims. A first party insurance claim is any claim filed by someone against their own insurance policy. A third party insurance claim is filed against another person’s insurance policy – such as the “at fault” driver’s insurance policy.

Examples of Bad Faith

An insurance company is said to have acted in “bad faith” if they do any of the following when handling your claim:

  • Improperly investigate your claim
  • Fail to investigate your claim
  • Delay paying a claim
  • Failure to communicate or return calls regarding status of claim
  • Fail to provide you a prompt and reasonable explanation of claim denial
  • Request inappropriate or unnecessary testing
  • Unfairly deny your claim

If your insurance company has acted in bad faith, then our Boulder insurance dispute law firm can help you obtain the compensation you are entitled to. You may be eligible for the amount of insurance benefits owed to you, in addition to other fees and punitive damages. You may have claims for a breach of contract or a breach of fiduciary duty. An experienced lawyer can help you choose the legal path that is best for you and collect the money that is rightfully owed you.

Boulder lawyer, Debbie Taussig, has successfully represented consumers against large insurance corporations, such as:

  • State Farm
  • Allstate
  • Progressive
  • Farmers
  • Safeco
  • Nationwide
  • And more

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