12 Jul , 2023  | Author: Debbie Taussig

If you or a loved one has been in a car crash, it can be an overwhelming and distressing experience. While the accident itself may be horrific on its own, dealing with the medical expenses, insurance claims, missed work, and overall pain and suffering can add additional stress, confusion, and anxiety to the situation. If you find yourself injured, because of the negligence of another person, you may wonder whether car accident claims have an “expiration date.”  In this blog, we will not only answer this question, but also dig deeper into the concept of the statute of limitations for car crash claims in Colorado.

The short answer to the question: “Do Car Accident Claims Expire?” is…yes.

What is the Statute of Limitations?

The statute of limitations is a specific period of time in which a legal action (such as filing a lawsuit) must begin. In Colorado, the statute of limitations varies, depending on the type of claim. For example, the date for the statute of limitations for car crashes is governed by Colorado Revised Statute 13-80-101(1). It states that you have three years to file a lawsuit regarding your injuries from a car crash.

However, there can be other circumstances where action must be taken far in advance of the three-year time period. For example, if your car crash involves a government entity, there are additional laws that apply and steps that must be taken long before the 3-year mark to protect your car crash claim. For example, in Colorado, if you are in an accident with a public school bus, a police car, or another government vehicle, you must give written notice within 182 days of the crash to that entity pursuant to the Colorado Government Immunity Act. An experienced personal injury lawyer is essential to making sure that all deadlines and statutory laws are met.

Car Accident Claims in Colorado

The clock starts ticking for car crash claims on the date of the accident. That means that, outside of a few exceptions, you will have three years to settle your claim or file a lawsuit.

A lawsuit can be filed at any time during that three-year period. However, hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer is essential. A personal injury lawyer, who is also experienced in taking cases to trial, will have strategic reasons as to when a lawsuit should be filed. It is important to have a lawyer who not only knows the intricacies of personal injury law but also who is not afraid to file a lawsuit.

What’s Next?

If you or a loved one is injured in a car crash, you should contact an experienced personal injury lawyer who is not afraid to file a lawsuit and go to trial. Debbie Taussig has over 20 years of personal injury experience. The team at Debbie Taussig Law is never afraid to fight for their clients, whether that is negotiating with the insurance company for the best settlement, or taking the car crash claim to trial.

Taking prompt action with us will ensure that your rights will be protected, all deadlines will be met, and the complexities associated with personal injury law will be addressed.

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