16 May , 2024  | Author: Deanna Baranyi

The Importance of Comprehensive Care for Auto Injury Cases


Today, more and more people are getting into car accidents with the rising number of cars on the road here in Colorado. Most people don’t understand how important it is to get comprehensive care after an accident. Many symptoms like headaches, vertigo, neck pain, and brain fog can develop over time. Getting treatment as soon as possible will help mitigate these symptoms and can prevent more serious issues in the future. Chiropractic is the most effective non-invasive treatment people can choose after an auto accident. Because of the mechanics during a car accident, soft tissue is often damaged and many times this impacts your spine.


When soft tissue is forcefully pushed beyond the normal range of motion, which is exactly what happens during whiplash from a car accident, there is tearing of the muscles, tendons and ligaments. In order for your body to stimulate healing from these injuries, scar tissue is formed. This is a healthy protective mechanism, but eventually the soft tissue becomes fibrous and limits normal range of motion. The only way to restore normal function is to break down and re-align this damaged tissue. Chiropractors are experts of the spine and nervous system and can assess the damage of the soft tissue and help restore movement and proper alignment in a gentle and effective way. Getting on a regular treatment plan is necessary for healing. Consistency of care will ensure that your injuries are properly addressed and complications are avoided in the future.

The Importance of Collaboration Between Chiropractors and Car Accident Attorneys

Unfortunately, insurance companies often want to pay the least amount possible for a case. This is why utilizing providers and lawyers that specialize in auto injuries is so important. It is also why you need to make sure you choose a chiropractor that works closely with a qualified attorney to make sure you get the treatment and payment coverage for a full recovery. Not all chiropractors work with attorneys and not all attorneys specialize in auto injuries. At Atlas Chiropractic of Boulder, we have been helping people recover from car accidents for over 15 years. We work closely with Debbie Taussig LLC to make sure you don’t have to fight with the insurance company. Her and her team make sure you are getting a fair deal with your case so that you can focus on healing and not deal with the stress of a mishandled claim.

Understanding Auto Injuries

Auto injuries are not always straightforward. Injuries can linger and symptoms can also be very delayed. It’s not unlikely for you to feel fine after an accident and begin to experience symptoms weeks or months down the road. The most common injury that occurs is a whiplash injury. This is when the head and neck are quickly thrown back then forward resulting in damage to the soft tissue in the neck. This usually happens from a rear-ended collision, but can also happen from a T-bone accident as well. Whiplash can cause serious issues in the neck, as well as in the brainstem and the communication pathway from your brain to your body. This is why auto injury symptoms can be beyond neck pain. They can also include headaches, brain fog, vertigo, and balance issues.

Limitations of Traditional Medical Treatments

If you have a severe car accident, traditional medical treatment is necessary. It is very important to rule out any fractures, traumatic brain injury (TBI), brain bleeds, or complete tear of soft tissue. If there is not a severe injury, most of the time a medical doctor will just send you home, tell you to rest, and to take some muscle relaxers or pain medication. This is only helpful in the very beginning. Unfortunately, most people don’t know that there is a limitation for traditional medical treatment. Medical treatment is only designed for emergency, life threatening injuries. It is not meant for restoring function. Restoring function takes time and needs to be done in a way that works with your body, not interfering with your healing. This is where chiropractic comes into play. It’s important to not only get out of pain, but to promote normal movement and function for the future. Getting out of pain is not enough to prevent future issues. So, after you visit a medical doctor and get the emergency care that you need, it’s important to follow up with a chiropractor.

Benefits of Collaboration

One of the most important parts of collaboration between a chiropractor  and a PI attorney is to make sure that you are getting all the treatment necessary, and to have it covered in your claim. Insurance companies often want to settle as soon as possible so they can save money. You need a chiropractor who can properly document the case so that if it does go to trial, the attorney has the appropriate documentation and information to win your case. When choosing both a chiropractor and a lawyer, it is essential to make sure they have worked together before and are looking out for your best interests. Getting all the care you need should be the number one priority for the chiropractor and the attorney. If they are not working for your best interest financially and physically, you might need to find someone else.

A Real World Case

Let me tell you about one of our patients Michelle. She was driving home from work one day when the traffic suddenly stopped on the highway. Luckily, she was paying attention and was able to stop in time and not hit the driver in front of her. Unfortunately, the driver behind her was not paying attention and hit her going 45 MPH. Ouch! Michelle walked away from the accident and went to the ER to get checked out. There were no broken bones or any emergency issues and she felt grateful that she wasn’t seriously injured. However, after a few days, she started to feel a stiff neck and started getting headaches. She assumed that the symptoms would go away over time and just took some pain medication. Unfortunately, her symptoms were slowly getting worse and began to affect her work. She took some time off work and knew that she needed to get help. She googled “car accident treatment in Boulder” and luckily she found our office. We did an initial exam and performed specialized tests and x-rays, making sure to document everything properly.


Michelle began treatment and started to get better! Her symptoms were becoming manageable enough for her to return to work. Since we handle car accident cases all the time, we explained that she needed consistent care for months to fully resolve all of her issues. Michelle then received a call from the insurance that they were only going to cover medical treatment for 3 months. We knew that was not going to be enough, so we decided to refer her to a lawyer that handles car accident cases like these.  Debbie Taussig LLC has over 15 years experience of handling these types of cases. Michelle was very pleased that we were able to send her to someone who will fight in her favor and ensure that all her treatment was covered under her claim. It is so important to work with a lawyer that looks after the client and doesn’t let the insurance company push them around.

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