13 Jul , 2022  | Author: Debbie Taussig

At Debbie Taussig Law, we are a small, woman-owned personal injury law firm. We pride ourselves in giving each of our clients individualized attention. With that individualized attention, we can act as a “concierge” for them, helping them find the services that best fit their needs. Those concierge-type needs can be as diverse as our clients are themselves, and what works best for one client may not work well for the next.

As a concierge-style law firm, we are able to help our clients with needs that are so unique to their circumstances that we have never encountered them before…and may never encounter them again.

One of our favorite examples of this occurred when we discovered that our client’s car, which was damaged when another person crashed into him, had not been picked up from the tow lot by the third-party insurance company (the insurance company of the driver who caused the crash) as promised. As a result, the car had been considered abandoned, and it was put on a truck and shipped from Denver, Colorado to Salt Lake City, Utah. Shockingly, the car was scheduled to be sold at an auction in Salt Lake City the very next day, unbeknownst to our client.

When we discovered this unfortunate (and financially devastating) turn of events, we immediately called our client’s bank, who was partially responsible for attempting to auction off his car. We were able to push the date that the car would be auctioned off back by two weeks, giving us time to connect with those who could help.

Next, we informed our client’s insurance company of what had happened. They were equally shocked to hear the details of what had happened, and they reiterated that they had never heard of such a thing. As a result of our conversation with them, they were able to remove the car from the auction lot, schedule a tow truck to return the car to Denver, and find an autobody repair shop who would repair the damage to our client’s car back in Denver.

While what happened to our client is not a normal occurrence, it is the kind of service that we strive to provide for our clients. Hours of phone calls and coordination had to take place to make sure that our client’s car was not auctioned off, without his approval, in different state. We were so happy to act as a concierge for our client and get him results in the process.

When it comes to our clients’ medical treatment, we can direct them to the best practitioners in each field. With so many doctors to choose from in the Boulder/Denver area, selecting the right doctor can be daunting for many of our clients. Knowing which doctors are skilled and specialize in certain areas of medicine can be extremely helpful to our clients. For example, not all surgeons specialize in neck surgery, so directing our clients to local surgeons who do specialize in such surgeries can take some of the burden off our clients’ shoulders.

Another example of the concierge-type recommendations we can give our clients includes their financial needs. Medical bills can quickly add up, especially when there are significant injuries. We can help direct our clients to companies who can help them with their bills, putting them on liens or other types of payment structures. By directing them in this way, our clients can get the treatment they need without their bills going to collections.

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