23 Sep , 2022  | Author: Debbie Taussig

Debbie Taussig Law Recognized for Obtaining One of the Top 20 Personal Injury Jury Verdicts in Colorado in 2021

Debbie Taussig Law was recently recognized for receiving one of the Top 20 personal injury jury verdicts in Colorado in 2021. This achievement was made possible when Debbie and her team tried the Phillips v. Yatsko case in October 2021. The hard work, experience, knowledge, and dedication of everyone at Debbie Taussig Law enabled Debbie and her team to put on a flawless case in the Denver County courts and to get great results. 

A Little Background on Phillips v. Yatsko

In Phillips v. Yatsko, our client, a 67-year-old woman, was injured when the defendant, without regard to traffic, traveled across three lanes of traffic and struck our client in an intersection. As a result of the crash, our client suffered hand, neck, and back injuries. Over time, our client’s neck pain never resolved, severely impacting her life. 

Because of her injuries, our client could not continue working at her job. She also could not assist her husband with his job as a traveling art instructor. All the activities that brought her joy, such as hiking, skiing, and gardening were brought to a halt. This greatly affected our client’s quality of life. 

Preparation and Days at Trial

Debbie and her team worked tirelessly to prepare for trial. With decades of trial experience and a mastery of personal injury law, Debbie was able to put on a flawless trial. So flawless, in fact, that there was no way the defense could appeal the jury verdict and award. While the trial was scheduled for four days, Debbie was able to put her case before the judge and jury in only 2 days, saving everyone–from the witnesses to the jury–valuable time.

Beyond her experience and deep understanding of the law, Debbie was also able to use some cutting-edge techniques to get the results she wanted. These techniques include keeping a clear and positive mindset and manifesting the results she wanted. She did this by not allowing in thoughts of anything other than getting her client compensation for her injuries to enter her mind. She was also able to take a deeper look at the emotional content of the client’s story through psychodramatic techniques of reenactment.

End Results

At the end of trial, Debbie Taussig Law received a jury award of $560,000 for our client! This was the 16th highest personal injury jury award in Colorado for 2021! As a team, we know we have the experience and knowledge to fight for our clients both in court and outside of court. Yet, as always, we are very honored for the recognition that Debbie Taussig Law received one of the Top 20 jury awards for personal injury in 2021!

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