When children suffer injuries in unexpected accidents, the consequences can be devastating for them and their families. Children tend to be accident-prone and less conscious of risks in their surroundings, but in some cases, an adult’s careless actions can lead to a child’s injuries.

If another person’s negligence led to your child’s accident, you should consider taking legal action. The damages available in these cases could cover their medical costs and other care-related expenses and ease the emotional and financial burdens associated with their injuries. A Boulder child injury lawyer could further explain the benefits of pursuing a case during an initial consultation. Reach out to a dedicated attorney today to discuss your case.

Types of Child Injury Causes

Millions of children arrive in emergency rooms across the country each year with accidental injuries. Some of the most common child injuries in Boulder stem from automobile collisions.

Motor vehicle collisions, bicycle accidents, and pedestrian incidents all frequently inflict injuries upon children. Other common causes of injury include suffocation, falls, drowning, and being struck by an object. Many of these unfortunate events occur because of entirely avoidable circumstances. Families who believe they might have a personal injury claim against someone whose reckless behavior caused their child’s injury should speak to an attorney in Boulder about the steps involved in filing a lawsuit.

School Liability in Child Injuries

Some child injuries take place at schools and daycare centers. Schools are responsible for taking steps to ensure that the premises are reasonably safe. If the staff fails to prevent an accident by ignoring a foreseeable risk, the school might be liable for a student’s injuries.

For example, if a school’s staff witnesses bullying and fails to prevent it, the school might bear responsibility for the resulting injuries to the bullied child. If the school fails to perform proper sanitation and their cafeteria or serves contaminated food, the resulting illnesses could also lead to a claim.

Other times when schools might bear responsibility would include the staff’s failure to provide adequate supervision at school or during drop-off or pickup. Filing a lawsuit against the school can be complicated, especially against public schools that might enjoy certain protections because of their government status.

Product Liability Child Injury Claims

Some injuries to children are caused by the use of dangerous products. For instance, toys designed for infants that have small pieces might be hazardous for use, as the child may swallow and choke on the pieces. Product manufacturers have an obligation to provide reasonably safe products to their consumers, so they may be held liable if this occurs.

If a toy, car seat, stroller, or other product is defective because of its design, manufacturing, or lack of warnings, the family may have a product liability claim against the company. Families whose children suffer injuries because of a defective product should speak to an experienced Boulder attorney about taking legal action.

Attractive Nuisance Claims

Children are unpredictable and often tempted to engage in dangerous activities. Attractive nuisance doctrine allows families to sue property owners if the owner maintains something on their property that is predictably appealing to children and presents potential dangers. One example would be having a swimming pool that is unguarded by a secure fence or locked gate.

Many other attractive nuisances might exist, including trampolines, jungle gyms, and even construction zones with heavy machinery. In such cases, even a trespassing child’s family may have a claim against the property owner. Families should speak to an experienced child injury lawyer in Boulder regarding these claims.

Hire a Boulder Attorney for Your Child Injury Case

Child injury cases are highly emotional for the families involved. When the injuries are severe and potentially life-altering, it is essential to ensure that the family pursues every potential avenue for compensation so that they have the means to provide the best support possible for their child.

If your child experienced severe harm in an accident, you should speak to a Boulder child injury lawyer. Call today to schedule a consultation.