Some of the most devastating accidents that can involve commercial trucks in Boulder are those that result from jackknifes. Jackknifes occur when a trucker is unable to retain control of their vehicle and the cargo trailer swings out into other lanes.

These incidents can place other drivers at a significant risk of harm, and other drivers are typically unable to avoid a collision in this situation. Whenever a truck jackknifes because of the trucker’s negligence, they can be held liable for providing compensation for all resulting damage.

An experienced lawyer may be able to offer qualified assistance after a jackknife truck accident in Boulder. You should seek a professional’s advice who can help you gather the evidence necessary to prove fault, measure your losses, and demand appropriate compensation from all liable parties.

Common Causes of Jackknife Accidents

Every trucker in Boulder and around the country has the same duty to keep their vehicles under control. When they fail in this duty, and another individual suffers an injury, they are liable for providing for the ensuing damages.

Jackknife accidents are a clear example of this dynamic. A tractor-trailer may jackknife when a trucker suddenly and harshly presses on the brakes. This can result in the cab coming to a stop but the cargo trailer continuing forward. In many situations, this can cause the cargo trailer to swing out into other lanes of traffic or even the entire truck flipping over, leaving other drivers no option to avoid a collision.

A skilled attorney in Boulder could help an injured individual gather more information about their accident by obtaining police reports, accident reconstruction studies, and witness statements to build a powerful case for compensation.

Jackknife Incidents Can Result in Severe Losses

It is an unfortunate fact that jackknife truck accidents in Boulder can result in some of the harshest outcomes for other travelers. The incident will likely result in the need to seek immediate and significant medical care. At-fault truckers and their insurance companies must provide compensation for all past and future medical treatments.

Many of these accidents impact peoples’ lives in other ways. Jackknife truck accidents are traumatic events that can damage a person’s psyche or emotional wellbeing. If applicable, injured parties may seek out compensation for lost quality of life or the costs of mental health counseling.

Additionally, a crash of this kind could impact a person’s ability to earn a living. If an accident has resulted in lost income due to missed time at work, an injured person could demand reimbursement for this lost pay. An attorney in Boulder could take the lead in seeking out fair compensation following a jackknife truck accident.

It is also important to ensure that a case of this nature is pursued within the statute of limitations. According to Colorado Revised Statute § 13-80-101, people have three years from the date of the accident to demand compensation for their losses.

Give a Jackknife Truck Accident Attorney in Boulder a Call Today

All truckers have a legal responsibility to manage their vehicles safely, which means they must operate them in a manner that allows them to make an emergency stop or turn. Failure to adhere to this duty may result in jackknifes that cause devastating accidents.

Fortunately, a lawyer in Boulder could help you to collect the compensation that you deserve after a jackknife truck accident. Reach out to an attorney today to learn more about how a member of our team may be able to help you.