Those who have suffered burn injuries know just how painful they are to manage and treat. Burns do not just leave physical scars; they often lead to traumatic emotional consequences that affect your daily life. On top of all this, you must contend with expensive and time-consuming medical treatments to stay healthy.

If you are suffering from burns caused by another party’s recklessness or negligence, do not hesitate to reach out to a skilled catastrophic injury attorney at Debbie Taussig Law. A Longmont burn injury lawyer could help you fight for the compensation you deserve so that you can focus on your recovery and healing.

Common Causes of Burn Injuries

Burns can occur in a wide variety of situations. Some burns are called thermal burns, which are caused by physical contact with flames, hot liquids and surfaces, or chemical/electrical sources. Other burns result from scalding incidents. The following are typical causes of burn injuries:

Electrical Accidents in the Workplace

Electrical accidents in the workplace are common in the construction and utility industries. Burns resulting from electrical accidents can be severe, often causing damage to the skin, tissues, and organs. These injuries may not be immediately apparent, which is why it is crucial to seek medical attention immediately after an electrical accident.

Burn Injuries While Driving

Burns are commonly sustained during vehicle wrecks. Thermal injuries happen when the driver, passengers, or even passersby touch:

  • Hot metal,
  • Chemicals like battery acid leaking from the engine,
  • Bits of wreckage tossed during the accident, or
  • Live wires and electrical currents.

High-speed accidents may also cause fiery explosions on impact. Even the high speed of an airbag’s deployment in an accident may cause burns.

After seeking medical attention for burn injuries, it is critical to reach out to a legal professional as soon as possible. A Longmont attorney could help identify the potential liable parties for a burn injury and determine the next steps for pursuing compensation.

How Are Burns Classified?

Burns are classified by severity. The main types of burns include:

  • First-degree­ burns– these burns affect only the top layer of skin which may turn red, feel painful when touched, and swell slightly
  • Second-degree burns– these are more serious and affect the top two layers of the skin, resulting in blistering and swelling
  • Third-degree burns– these are the most serious because they penetrate all layers of the skin

Medical attention is often needed to treat second and third-degree burn wounds and prevent further damage. There are also fourth-degree burns which not only destroy the skin but the fat layers underneath. These burns impact muscle, bone, and nerves. The most severe burns can even be fatal for victims. A compassionate burn injury attorney in Longmont could help a family pursue a wrongful death action if they have lost a loved one to a severe burn injury resulting from someone else’s actions.

Get in Touch with a Longmont Burn Injury Attorney

If you or a loved one suffered severe burns caused by the negligent acts of another party, you deserve compensation for your losses. Medical expenses, lost income, and emotional suffering could all be compensated in a personal injury suit with the help of a committed legal professional.

A Longmont burn injury lawyer could help you hold the person responsible for causing your injuries. Call our office today to learn more about how we could help you obtain the compensation you need to make things right.