Slip and fall accidents can leave you with significant injuries, requiring medical treatment and even time off work. If an unsafe property caused you to slip and become injured, you could hold the negligent party liable for your losses.

A Longmont slip and fall lawyer could investigate your accident, determining the cause of your incident and the at-fault parties. Reach out to a skilled injury attorney today to learn more about your compensation options.

Guests on Property Have Differing Levels of Protection

Every landowner in Longmont has a duty under the law to keep their property safe for visitors. However, the steps that they must take to protect any individual visitor depends on whether that visitor had permission to be on the land and why they were there.

State law under Colorado Revised Statute § 13-21-115 separates visitors into one of three categories. Determining an injured person’s status under this statute determines whether the landowner had a duty to provide protection.


The first class of visitors is trespassers. These people enter land without the owner’s knowledge or permission. Landowners are only liable if they cause intentional or willful harm to trespassers.


Licensees enter land with the owner’s permission for the visitor’s benefit. An example of this could be attending a birthday party in a private home. Landowners must take reasonable care to protect visitors against known hazards or warn guests of dangers that would not ordinarily exist on the property.


Invitees enter the land for the owner’s benefit. These people are usually shoppers or patrons. Here, the property owner must provide protection against all hazards about which they had knowledge or should have had knowledge. A Longmont slip and fall attorney could help someone determine their status under the law and their consequent rights as a visitor.

Potential Compensation in Slip and Fall Cases

Those who suffer an injury because of a landowner’s failure to keep them safe deserve compensation for their losses. When pursuing compensation, an injured party will need to prove the extent of their injuries to the insurance company or the court and establish the property owner’s negligent role in causing the injuries.

Slip and fall incidents often result in broken bones, sprains, strains, and separated joints. A landowner that is found to be negligent must provide payments for all necessary medical care associated with these injuries. This includes past emergency room treatment, an ambulance ride, and all rehabilitation sessions.

In addition, falls often impact people’s lives in ways that stretch beyond physical injuries. Individuals may be experiencing severe pain connected to the incident. They may no longer be able to spend time with loved ones, enjoy hobbies, or return to work. These losses are no less legitimate than the costs associated with a physical injury. A Longmont attorney could help an individual pursue compensation for their economic and non-economic losses sustained in a slip and fall incident.

Let a Longmont Slip and Fall Attorney Protect Your Legal Rights

Individuals who suffer injuries after falling on another’s property need to move quickly to preserve their right to compensation. Evidence such as ice or puddles can quickly disappear, and landowners may attempt to shift blame for the incident onto you.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a falling incident on dangerous property, you deserve to be fairly compensated by the negligent party. A Longmont slip and fall lawyer could help you take the legal steps necessary for recovery. Call today to schedule a consultation with a dedicated legal professional.