In a city like Boulder, it is not uncommon for drivers to face inclement weather on the roads. Snow falls often and can cause roads to be slippery and increase the chance of car crashes. Main roads are usually plowed and sanded, but many residential roads may not be treated right away. However, even the main roads can be hazardous during and after a snowstorm.

If you have been injured in a Boulder inclement weather accident, you may be dealing with medical bills, vehicle damage, and more. A seasoned auto wreck attorney could work with you to assess your case, determine fault, and pursue the compensation that you deserve.

Warning Signs of a Weather-Related Crash

Boulder drivers should always be aware of the weather and take note of whether it has snowed recently. If it is actively snowing or just snowed, motorists should take this as a warning sign to use extra precautions while traveling. These can include driving slower, avoiding non-plowed areas, and minimizing distractions such as cell phones. Drivers should also ensure that they have good tires that can handle the snow.

Even if drivers take all possible precautions, inclement weather crashes can still occur. Anyone who has been involved in a crash due to poor weather conditions should consult with a lawyer to determine their legal options for recovery.

Steps to Take After an Inclement Weather Collision

After a bad weather collision, it is essential to call the police so that they can investigate. However, there are times when the city implements an accident alert, which means the weather conditions are so severe that police officers are unable to respond to the large volume of motor vehicle crashes. When this happens, the police will only respond in instances of severe damage.

If the police cannot respond, injured parties should exchange information, including insurance information from the other drivers and any witnesses. Ideally, someone should take photos of the vehicles from all angles and document the vehicles’ positions at the time of the crash. Drivers should then file an accident report online as soon as possible.

The next crucial step after an inclement weather accident is to contact a knowledgeable attorney in Boulder. A lawyer could gather information and evidence such as witness statements, vehicle damage photos, and repair receipts. They may also be able to determine the condition of the tires of the at-fault motorist. Obtaining weather reports and hiring an accident reconstructionist are also steps that an attorney may take if necessary.

Finally, a lawyer could file a lawsuit on behalf of the injured driver. A well-versed attorney could determine whether this is the best route of compensation for an individual given the unique facts of their cases and the damages they have sustained.

Determining Fault in a Bad Weather Wreck

When roads are slippery and dangerous, drivers are expected to slow down to accommodate for these conditions. Generally, fault is attributed to motorists who cannot stop and crash into another vehicle, because they were driving too fast for conditions.

For instance, if one driver is able to stop but is rear-ended by someone else because of the icy roads, the person that was hit could allege that they were driving slow enough for the conditions, but the other driver was not.

If there are a lot of crashes and the city is on accident alert, this can make it difficult to establish fault. This does not mean that someone cannot pursue damages, and an individual injured in an inclement weather crash should still reach out to an experienced attorney to discuss their legal options.

Recoverable Damages

A person injured in a bad weather accident could recover compensation for the cost of medical treatment and lost wages. Someone could also recover non-economic damages for pain, suffering, grief, and inconvenience. A dedicated attorney could help an injured person pursue the damages for which they are eligible in Boulder.

Reach out to an Attorney Today to Discuss Your Boulder Inclement Weather Collision Case

If you have been injured in a poor weather collision, you deserve financial compensation for your losses. A skilled lawyer could utilize their leverage with insurance companies to seek fair compensation on your behalf and pursue a lawsuit if necessary. Call today to discuss your case with a compassionate legal professional about your case.