One of the most common hazardous behaviors that people engage in on the road is texting while driving. This activity is a major distraction and is against state law. Looking at a phone can decrease a person’s reaction times, which can be especially dangerous if a person is attempting to operate a massive vehicle at the same time.

The impact of a car accident can be catastrophic, and a driver who was texting when the accident occurred can be held liable for the ensuing damage. People who have suffered injuries because of texting while driving car accidents in Boulder have the right to demand compensation for their losses. An experienced car accident attorney could help to explain the laws concerning texting behind the wheel and the role that they play in the pursuit of payments.

Texting While Driving is Illegal in Boulder

The rise of cell phones and the advent of text messaging have led to a rise in car accidents in recent years. The ability to use a phone to talk to business partners or to text message friends is a major distraction. This problem became so prominent that the State Legislature outlawed the use of cellphones to send or read text messages for any person in control of a motor vehicle.

Specifically, Colorado Revised Statute § 42-4-239 says that it is against the law for any driver to use a cellphone for the purposes of texting or any other form of data entry while behind the wheel. The only exception to this rule is when the driver is using their phone to contact emergency services.

The penalties for texting while driving in Boulder can be harsh. Police officers may issue a ticket carrying a maximum fine of $300 if they witness improper driving and texting. However, if the incident results in a collision that inflicts bodily harm on another person, that driver may face criminal charges, and a conviction can result in a jail sentence of up to one year. The injured party may also be able to file a claim for compensation in a civil suit against the driver.

Helping Injured Individuals to Pursue Claims After Texting Accidents

Texting while driving is a reckless and criminal activity. These facts could help people who have suffered injuries in car accidents where another driver was texting. This is because of the concept of the law called negligence per se. In short, this concept allows a civil court hearing an injury case to presume that another driver was to blame for an incident because of a criminal conviction. This applies regardless of whether the criminal case was in traffic court or resulted in a jail sentence.

A texting while driving car accident lawyer in Boulder could help someone track a traffic ticket or criminal charge through the courts. If these cases result in a conviction, an attorney could work to leverage this fact into a powerful demand for appropriate compensation.

Let an Attorney Help You to Pursue Compensation After a Texting While Driving Car Accident in Boulder

The law in Boulder is clear. No person can use a cellphone to send or read text messages while behind the wheel. Despite this fact, this reckless behavior remains common and leads to collisions.

People who have suffered losses because of these acts deserve the compensation that they need to set things right. A skilled lawyer may be able to help you to collect the payments that you are owed following a texting while driving accident in Boulder. They could explain the relevant laws, gather evidence concerning the incident, and demand fair payments every step of the way. Call today to set up a consultation.