Litigating a vehicle collision case can be a lengthy and stressful procedure. From filing a claim to going to trial, this process can take over a year. Fortunately, there is much that a car wreck attorney could do for you during this time. A knowledgeable lawyer could work hard to ensure that you are adequately compensated for your losses incurred in a crash by investigating evidence, speaking with witnesses, and fighting on your behalf in court. To learn more about how a dedicated legal professional could work with you during a Boulder car accident trial, call today.

Vehicle Collision Pre-Trial Proceedings

Before a car collision trial even begins, the plaintiff and the defendant will go through a process known as discovery. This process is where the attorneys exchange information and answer questions from the opposing party that will be useful in the trial.

The deposition process is part of the discovery phase. During the deposition procedure, any individuals who will eventually testify are interviewed under oath with a court reporter. This allows an attorney to be prepared for what witnesses will say in court.

An attorney can also use the pre-trial time to get opinions from medical professionals and experts about a plaintiff’s condition and potential damages. Once a lawyer has complied all of the available evidence, they can determine what should be used in court to make the best possible case for the plaintiff.

The Trial Process for a Car Wreck Case

Most car crash cases last for one to two weeks and involve a jury. Jurors are randomly selected and will be questioned to ensure they are fit to serve.

Voir Dire

The trial begins with Voir Dire, which is the process of selecting a jury. Both the plaintiff’s attorney and the defense attorney are allowed to ask selected jurors questions and then each side is allowed to have jurors excused for cause and to eliminate a certain number of jurors, which leaves 6 jurors and 1 or more alternative jurors to render a verdict.

Opening Statements

Both the plaintiff’s attorney and the defense attorney making an opening statement. Because the plaintiff has the burden of proof in an injury case, they make the first statement. Opening statements explain both sides of the case to the jury. Often, the defendant in a car wreck case is the at-fault driver’s insurer.

Describing Damages

The plaintiff’s attorney will go on to explain the damages that the injured party incurred because of the vehicle accident. The goal is to show the jury why the defendant owes the plaintiff compensation for their injuries by emphasizing the plaintiff’s losses and the defendant’s wrongful actions.

Closing Statements

Both attorneys will then present closing statements. The plaintiff’s closing statement will review the evidence presented, outline damages, and explain to the jury why they should award the plaintiff with the amount they are seeking. The attorney may also point out any discrepancies in the defendant’s case to ensure that the jurors fully understand the situation.

A skilled Boulder attorney could ensure that a trial goes smoothly by focusing on the jury and making objections when necessary. It is essential to tell a compelling story to the jury, which may mean using technology or other tools to present information in a way that is engaging.

What if there are Multiple Defendants?

In some car crash trials, there are multiple parties at fault, and therefore more than one defendant. When more than one person holds liability in an accident, the jury will need to determine the percentage of fault each defendant had in the crash.

Often, it can be beneficial to the plaintiff when there are multiple defendants. Defendants may begin to point fingers at each other to try and avoid ending up with a large portion of the fault. A knowledgeable Boulder attorney could help a plaintiff handle multiple defendants in a car wreck trial.

Speak with a Dedicated Attorney about Boulder Car Accident Trials

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