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18 May , 2018

Rollover accidents are violent and catastrophic accidents. They can cause serious and horrific injuries to all the occupants in the vehicle. In fact, rollover accidents only account for 3% of all accidents; however, they account for 30% of all fatalities. They are the second most deadly type of car accident, only second to head on […]

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15 May , 2018

Car accidents can be devastating even at low speeds. Accident victims may experience a wide range of injuries, especially to the head and neck. One of those injuries is a concussion. While it is one of the milder forms a of traumatic brain injury, seeking treatment for a concussion as soon as possible after an […]

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24 Apr , 2018

As if dealing with the many challenges of being a teenager were not enough, a teen who identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender may have those challenges multiplied exponentially. LGBT teens often deal with bullying in the form of harassment, threats and even real physical violence on a daily basis. Studies show that LGBT […]

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12 Apr , 2018

The tragic death of a man who fell over a stairway handrail at the Mile High Stadium during a Denver Broncos game in 2016 has resulted in a wrongful death claim in Colorado. After falling more than 60 feet—equivalent to six stories—Jason Coy died after receiving blunt force injuries to his skull, head, neck and […]

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28 Mar , 2018

The depth of a mother’s love is perhaps never more apparent than in the founding of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), nearly four decades ago in 1980. Candy Lightner was a mother and housewife when Cari, her 13-year-old daughter, was killed by a drunk driver who had multiple DUI offenses on his record. Although Candy […]

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